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If what you want are just Spanish classes, we offer you 4 different kinds of courses from which to choose the one that best fits what you are looking for, while also giving you the option of signing up for accommodation, meals and your preferred theme activities.
Learn Spanish and enjoy getting to know Mallorca through our themed packages. The possibility to speak the language in different contexts and environments while doing whatever you most enjoy: Hiking or hillwalking, wine tasting, cultural excursions... and many other activities and workshops. If you'd like something new and different, try our Culture&Cuisine or Adventure packages... or both!
If what you want is to have fun with a single activity or sport, sign up for our sailing courses, wind-surfing, kite-surfing, etc. Mallorca is the perfect place for these!

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Easter Week


What could be better than learning Spanish while getting to know one of Mallorca's most traditional festivities, namely the Semana Santa, its Holy Week, .

A celebration by and for the people through religion, in which the highlights include cultural activities, processions and the traditional cuisine of these dates.

Culture & Cuisine


Devised for those wishing to familiarise themselves with Mallorquin tradition and lifestyle.

As part of this the students can learn while enjoying history, folklore, film, cooking, oenology...

Action and Adventure


A course for those restless young people seeking an Action&Adventure-packed experience.

Individual Course


Adapting to the needs and interests of the student. Custom-planned classes with the teacher's exclusive commitment.



Enjoy the feeling of simply being carried by nothing more than the wind!

Paddle Surfing


A very complete water sport that is very easy for all ages!