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Mallorca offers the perfect environment for this activity: flat terrain, hills and slopes, long steady climbs... this sport and method of transportation is perfect for exploring this beautiful island.


Mallorca is paradise for this sport. Proof of this are the thousands of cyclists who come to train here every year. The landscapes, locations, roads, country paths and climate of the island are perfect for mountain biking.

Among the most popular sports all around the world, it isn't going out of fashion any time soon...

For those wishing to get to know the most unspoilt and precipitous corners of Mallorca and to enjoy the most natural water-surrounded settings.

For lovers of speed and risk! This is a very exciting, adrenaline-fuelled sport.

Enjoy the feeling of simply being carried by nothing more than the wind!

Invented in the nineteen twenties, this is a vessel born from the ingenuity of sailing enthusiasts, not just boating engineers; It is the product of imagination and lore!

The sea's Formula 1! As light and agile as it gets... with speed, a given.

A very complete water sport that is very easy for all ages!

A sport for exploring the wildest parts of Mallorca, reaching the most remote corners and unspoiled locations that nature has to offer.

If you love nature, feeling the texture of the rock, having the sensation of progress and

enjoying heavenly places, Mallorca is the ideal place for this sport.

For those wanting contact with nature and heritage, this activity is a symbiotic fusion of sport, culture and the environment!


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Enjoy the feeling of simply being carried by nothing more than the wind!

+ The price includes
  • Two weeks* of lessons with a total 40 hours:
    • 10 hours per week in small groups with native teachers.
    • 10 hours per week in game workshops.
  • Course material.
  • Sign-up.
  • Enrolment.
  • Proficiency test.
  • Certificate/Diploma.
  • Tourist information and programme for optional free-time activities.
  • Access to all facilities.
  • 1 specific course of:
    • Sailing
  • Transportation provided for all activities.
  • Total language immersion, led by a teacher or an activities instructor.
  • Accommodation in a shared twin bedroom** in the language school's own building:
    • Power, water, weekly cleaning.
    • Sheets and towels.
- The price does not include
  • Transfer to or from the airport (service available).
  • Board (we offer the optional service of mid-day meals).
+ Information
  • Lessons are held Monday from 4 to 8pm.
  • All levels of Spanish are offered, from beginners to the most advanced.
  • There is a maximum of 10 students in a lesson.
  • The minimum required age is 18, (16 with parental consent).
Price: 1.595 €

* One week or more than two, it is also possible.
** We offer accommodation in a single room, if the client prefers this.

    Students' arrivals will be scheduled for Sundays and their departures on Saturdays. (Additional nights may be     arranged).