Terms & Conditions


The booking is considered to be confirmed after the deposit of 20% of the sum for the course of package. The rest is to be paid on the first day of classes by bank transfer, in cash or credit card.

All banking costs arising from transfers are to be paid by the student.


Cancellation and refunds

In case of a cancellation before the 20 days leading up to the start of the relevant Spanish course, the entire sum minus €95 will be returned, due to administrative and registration costs.

If the cancellation occurs  within the previous 20 days to the start of the course, the initial deposit will not be reimbursed.

If the student were unable to attend the programme which he/she ordered, for justified reasons relative to his own person, such as sickness or accident, he must notify us in writing with a certified letter explaining the motive for cancellation with the attached medical certificate or hospital check-in report. The amount paid will be reimbursed, minus the €95 for administrative and registration costs.

The cancellation, after arrival, of any booked package, will entail a charge, 20% of the total package price.


Changes in reservations

Changes in bookings are allowed before the 20 days previous to the taking of the course. Date-changes can be made to a different week in the same or previous month, with all this being subject to course availability.


Dates of entry

Every student chooses his starting-date and the duration of his stay. The dates are obligatory as of the course's beginning. Students will not have the right to refunds if they do not attend the course, delay their arrival or bring forward their departure. The missed days will not be recoverable. Courses not taken voluntarily may not be transferred to third parties nor to family members.

No discounts will be given when students enter a course voluntarily during a week.

If classes can not take place due to circumstances outside the control our centre or due to an act of God, no refund will be given, nor will recovery of the relevant classes.



Students who leave an apartment will not have the right to a refund.

Tenants must regularly take rubbish out to the container. Furthermore we ask that they always turn off the lights before leaving home and that they not waste water, electricity or gas.

Basic consumption of water and electricity is included in the price. For excessive consumption, higher than 280 KW, a rate of 0,29 €/KW will apply. The company will provide this measurement upon arrival and departure.

Weekly house-cleaning is also included in the price.

Sheets, towels and their weekly replacement will be provided.

The room is rented to students and not to individuals outside of the school. Accommodation is non-transferable.

Lodgings are reserved as of Sunday before the start of the course until the Saturday after the last day of class.

On the first day of the course, each student will pay a safety deposit of €100 in cash, which will be returned on the day of departure, assuming no damages have occurred.

It is forbidden to keep animals in the apartments.


Themed courses and specific courses

Students' wishes to take part in one of the activity packages without previous reservation will be subject to availability.

Students will not have the right to returns if they do not attend one of the reserved program's activities or stop attending before the end of the activity, days missed will not be recoverable afterwards.

All activities will be subject to a change if necessary for reasons outside the company's reach.