Vision, mission and ethos


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Being a Spanish academy for foreigners that differs from the rest in its approach to teaching, its accommodation, activities and workshops as well as its personalised and familiar care.




To be a company primarily focused on QUALITY AND DIVERSITY.

Being a school in which all students have fun while learning.

To be a competitive company in the field of foreign language teaching, in its case, Spanish, across the island.

A company ready for expansion into the rest of the Spanish market.




We are a team. All of us are important and we are all headed in the same direction. Internal communication is vital, and each of us a grain of sand adding a great deal to the end result.

We love what we do and try to do our best with initiative, enthusiasm and motivation.

We promote Mallorcan culture. We wish for our students to know and can appreciate our traditions, our folklore, our cuisine...

We like a friendly and personal approach. We pay attention to detail and our great dedication in all endeavours yield the best results possible.

We are flexible. We adapt to the needs and tastes of our customers by offering products to suit the consumer.

We change and innovate. We always have new ideas to improve our product and service.

We know how to have fun. Our work environment is a friendly and comfortable one. Sharing moments outside the academy we see the rest of our peers in a positive light, transmitting and receiving positive energy.

Our actions (product and service) have impact. Together, we help professionals and individuals to learn more and know better.